John DePatie - Guitarist

Here are a few recordings that I've played on.

Nancy Sinatra: Nancy Sinatra

My greatest honor was to be asked to play on Nancy Sinatra's CD Nancy Sinatra.   I played on the song Two Shots Of Happy, One Shot Of Sad which was written by Bono and The Edge from U2 and features the performances of U2 members Larry Mullen and Adam Clayton, as well as keyboard legend Don Randi.

I'm on My Face Is Shining.

Will Faeber: Travel By Stars, Nice Obsession.

Will is a great singer and multi-instrumentalist whose style is a great match for my playing.  Check his site for Nice Obsession, a CD that we recorded in 2001.

Debbie Hennessey: Good As Gone

Debbie is a great singer and this CD contains a couple of tracks that I cowrote with her and Sunny Hilden.

Phil Smith: Philip Lincoln Smith

Phil is a drummer and singer who writes really catchy pop tunes with a British flavor.  

Sunny Hilden: You Are Here

I cowrote one tune on this one and was honored to be asked to play acoustic guitar on the opening cut.   Sunny's a genius who never travels without pen and notebook.   Beautiful, uplifting stuff on this CD.

I'm on four tracks.   Great songs, great vocals and a great band on this one.

Hot Onions: Hot Onions (EP)

I'm on a couple of tracks.

I did a couple of tracks for Teira Doom

Paul Lewis: Get On With It

Paul Lewis sings, plays acoutic guitar and wrote some great tunes for this CD.  

Toshi Maezawa: We Must Live For The Earth

This is a three song EP.   I only played on one track but I really like the way this one came out.  

Once again it was an honor to work with DH, and we actually cowrote a couple tunes on this one.

This dude can play bass!!   He's a great friend and it was an honor to be asked to play on a track on this, his second CD as well as a couple of tracks on his first below.  

This is one of my early sessions, for an artist named Mauro.   I played on the song America.