John DePatie - Guitarist

I think of these songs as vacation music. Most were written and recorded while I was on vacation and weren't done with the intention of releasing them. They were songs that I did for myself to pass the time and exercise my creativity. As such they have a relaxed, casual feeling that keeps me coming back to listen to them. It's for that reason that I've decided to polish them up and share them with the world. They span nearly the whole time that I've had a digital recording setup at home, with the oldest being from November 2001 and the most recent from December 2012.

Here is  Lt. Worf's Shred Machine.   It's an honor to have the contributions of H Chris Roy on bass, Joel Taylor on drums and Darrell Diaz on keyboards, and to have had the help of one of my favorite guitarists, Jeff Kollman on the mix.   It's available for download from CD Baby, or iTunes

This track was my first release and is called Black Boots and features Andrew Ford on bass and Tyrone Fleming on drums.  It was recorded and mixed by Nate Tschetter.

John DePatie - Black Boots - Single - Black Boots

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Cathouse Thursday also has three CDs available at iTunes.

Here's a live recording of All Along The Watchtower from Cathouse Thursday.    It was recorded on March 19, 2010.

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Here's a tune that I did with drummer Makoto Izumitani.