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Seaper Powers is a series of audiobooks for children that I worked on with Kim Cameron.

Kim narrated it, along with some special guests, and we collaborated on the music and I did some sound effects as well.   It's targeted at children ages 4-9, but some of the (adult) reviewers have mentioned that they enjoyed it too.

Here's a review that I'm quite proud of from :

A magical tail about a little girl who searches for buried treasure with the help of two sea creatures. A perfect book for 3-9 year old with colorful drawings and an adventure that keeps the reader interested until the very last page!
I was sent an audiobook of Seaper Powers for review consideration. While the story is meant for young kids, I found myself enjoying it as well. I’ve done very little with audiobooks and took to listening to this on way to and from work. Well to anyone who saw me walking the streets of Boston there were days I just couldn’t help but smile at the cuteness of the story.
The plot is fun and interesting to any young reader/listener and it is also able to keep the attention of the adult reader/listener. As a babysitter I found many of the stories I read to lack a moral to them and were mostly just about going after the bad guy since he’s a bad guy. This story has substance to it and is one I look forward to reading to my niece when she’s older.
The audio aspect of the book was great. It’s clear a lot of work and creativity went into making this an entertaining audiobook. It’ll be staying on my iPod for years to come.
Overall, whether you are reading this in physical form or listening to it as an audiobook Seaper Powers is great. I enjoyed it as a twenty-three year old listener and know many of the young kids I babysit will enjoy it as well. In a time when kids are growing up too fast it’s nice to have a story that lets kids be kids and have fun.
Rating: 10/10