Other releases and collaborations

Psychedelic Cowboy & Black Boots 

Psychedelic Cowboy is my first EP. I had lots of mostly-finished song demos that I had never done anything with. I decided to polish them a little bit and release them. Black Boots was an early jazz single. It was used in the film Drama Queens.

Lt. Worf's Shred Machine

The only thing I've ever won in my life was the BC Rich guitar from Premier Guitar Magazine that I used to record this song. I decided to put together a track in case anyone looked up the winner.

Nancy Sinatra

It was quite an honor was to be asked to play on Nancy Sinatra's CD Nancy Sinatra. I played on the song Two Shots Of Happy, One Shot Of Sad which was written by Bono and The Edge from U2 and features the performances of U2 members Larry Mullen and Adam Clayton, as well as keyboard legend Don Randi.

Cathouse Thursday/ Will Faerber

Cathouse Thursday: Walking My Elephant, Nashville Baby, 'Til Death Do Us Party, JezebelWill solo: Travel By Stars, Nice Obsession. Will is a great singer and multi-instrumentalist whose style is a great match for my playing. Check his site for Nice Obsession, a CD that we recorded in 2001. 

Good Jazzy Vibrations

Don Randi & Quest doing jazz versions of songs by the Beach Boys. Don was the piano player on many of the original Beach Boys recordings. Brian Makes Me Smile is the only original song on here,  which Don and I wrote for Brian Wilson.

Don Randi & Quest ft. Justin Randi

Songs From The Family 
Leah Randi joins Justin on vocals on some tracks. The band was Don Randi, Jerry Watts, Jonathan Dresel, Pete Korpela and myself. Special guests were Michael Landau, Savanna Randi, Brandon Fields, Harry Kim.

Debbie Hennessey

Good As Gone
Debbie is a great singer and songwriter. I played on most of the tracks, and this CD also contains a couple of tracks that I cowrote with Debbie and Sunny Hilden; Love Might Change Your Mind and Sounds Like Rain 

Sunny Hilden

You Are Here
I cowrote one tune on this one and was honored to be asked to play acoustic guitar on the opening cut. Sunny's a genius who never travels without pen and notebook. Beautiful, uplifting stuff on this CD.

Gary Lynn Floyd

I'm on four tracks. Great songs, great vocals and a great band on this one.  

David Hughes

Swoosh, Hopeful Romantic, Cruising Along
David is a talented bassist and writer. Funky and jazzy.

The Maries

The debut CD from the Maries, produced by Don Randi. They are a mother and daughter duo and this release has great vocals all the way through. I'm playing electric, acoustic, 12-string, nylon string. The first track we recorded was Africa, which is a good showcase for my guitar playing.


Toshi Maezawa  - Piano Funk
Paul Lewis - Get On With It 
Dr Iven - The Orange Album
Philip Lincoln Smith
Teira Doom

Nate Light Hot Onions
Geir Olafsson - Las Vegas Christmas Show, I Feel Good, Bright Christmas