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Paladins' Song

That guitar tone needs its own record label and behaves as a separate entity. This instrumental track can be perceived as a solo, the phrasing and performance is as clear and nuanced as any talented axe-wielder.
-Sinusoidal Music

This is good ol’ hearty hard rock elevated to a 5DX level where you can really hear and feel the music, and actually the absence of vocals makes it even more refreshing to listen to.

As a music fan, The DePatie Melt have encouraged me to look at music differently, which only makes me appreciate tracks like Paladins’ Song even more. If you have not had the chance to listen to it yet, then I would say don’t delay any longer, because the moment you discover this track for yourself, you too will be wishing for a bit more The DePatie Melt in your life. 
-Darkus Magazine

The strength of The DePatie Melt‘s music is its great expressiveness and the ability to tell stories without using a word.The notes of the guitar are the lyrics and the impeccable musical arrangements are the backbone of the music composed by this incredible artist.
-Edgar Allan Poets

The moments with the dual electric guitars reminded us in places of the Scorpions, with a very grand sound, whilst there’s moments in the sole guitar parts that reminded us of one or two Steve Vai techniques... This is an expertly performed track with great scoring and lots of interest to maintain its listeners. 
-Send Me Your Ears

“Paladins’ Song” is a wonderful composition that quickly establishes the mood, allows the guitar to fully shine as an instrument, and it’s one of those songs that will elevate your spirits. Hit the play button because this will become your morning soundtrack.
-Red Rock Magazine

(google translate) If there's one thing that the American guitarist John DePatie knows how to create very well, it's rock'n'roll in its vital quintessence, with all the vigor and punch that it deserves, but always steeped in the most diverse influences. The DePatie Melt is a great institution at building rapturous firecrackers, as we attest in their previous singles, “The Song We Will Remember” and “The Viking Princess And The Troll King” , two gems that attest to the project’s great talent for songwriting. 

“Paladins' Song”, his newest release single, starts with a melodic but furious riff, with a great blues-rock embargo in its sensorial current. We have a very inherent feel to arena rock too, and to our amazement we are surprised by a cadence break with a jam-session air, where the guitar pours out a bluezero feeling in deep dialogue with the rocker spasms that are incessantly produced in the track. It really is a beautiful instrumental gem of stratospheric power!
-Roadie Metal

The (DePatie Melt's) latest release entitled 'Paladin's Song' is an absolute hit with us over at TJPL News... This track is uniquely beautiful through its combination of heavy electric guitar and the swooping intricacy of the acoustic guitar. This whole instrumental is packed with the most skilful guitar riffs that do not leave the track for even a second.
-TJPL News 

(google translate) “Paladins' Song” has that kind of energetic, pulsating soul that transports you to a concert hall.
“Paladins' Song” is an instrumental song that focuses on big guitar riffs, and will appeal to fans of Stevie Vai or JoeSatriani – as well as progressive metal fans, lovers of Dream Theater, Opeth and Symphony X. The Riffs are passionate as if told a medieval story, through their guitar lines it is possible to feel different emotions.

-Headbangers News

It’s an instrumental prog metal/hard rock song, with some beautiful electric guitar melodies that sound captivating throughout. The breakdown towards the end is hauntingly beautiful, showing a great sense of melody. The production quality also sounds perfect throughout.
-York Calling

The Viking Princess And The Troll King

...The DePatie Melt‘s instrumental blues treasure ‘The Viking Princess And The Troll King‘ with a spotless guitar performance and an ideal balance between emotion and power. 
-Last Day Deaf

Driven with an electric guitar opening that’s an absolute pleasure from back to front, ‘The Viking Princess And The Troll King’ is able to shape itself using the twang of that electric guitar as its guiding point with remarkably purposeful and emotive direction.

...He’s able to convey whole worlds and imagery through just the sublime touch and tone of his guitar, an anchor that’s seemingly able to unravel all facets of who he is with deft ease. In all its intricacies, it feels effortless and that’s why it’s all the more impressive. 
-Find No Enemy

The DePatie Melt is all about telling a tale with just the notes...
There is a powerful overlord, the blues, that inspire this track and make it this good... Reminds me of when Gary Moore used to touch a guitar and you’d know that sweet bend would make your day. The DePatie Melt sure did make mine. 
- Sinusoidal Music

“The Viking Princess and The Troll King” is a cool breeze of flowing guitar melodies played over a dreamy rhythm that I can listen to non-stop. John DePatie lays some amazing mellow guitar work that shows his great sense of melody, everything is done carefully and neatly with no showing off or overdoing anything...
- Rock Era Magazine

There is an almost fairy tale edge to the movement of the music that puts a smile on your face. You can easily see the characters interacting with each other in your mind and the slow growth of affection. This single is yet another showcase of the prowess DePatie possesses with the guitar. 
-​​The Other Side Reviews

...a spotless guitar performance and an ideal balance between emotion and power.
-Last Day Deaf

The intricate melodies of the guitar manage to speak directly to the listener’s heart and soul. The DePatie Melt is an artist with a great compositional experience behind him, you can feel it from the quality of the songs he is able to produce. An incredible discovery that I recommend to everyone.
-Edgar Allan Poets

...this is a track with cool guitar riffs throughout.

“The Viking Princess and The Troll King” is a cool breeze of flowing guitar melodies played over a dreamy rhythm that I can listen to non-stop. John DePatie lays some amazing mellow guitar work that shows his great sense of melody, everything is done carefully and neatly with no showing off or overdoing anything...
-Rock Era Magazine 

...the music is instrumental in nature, but don’t let this put you off, as it sounds really beautiful! 
-York Calling

The energy of the track is romantic, tender and reminds us slightly of The Righteous Brothers’ Unchained Melody in theme, with the electric guitar as the protagonist of the story. We are hypnotized.
-Karl Is My Uncle

The lead guitar lines build dynamically on the track’s melodic themes with passion and exceptionally clear tone, their notes ringing with sustain as they bring about a wonderfully soulful atmosphere. “The Viking Princess And The Troll King” is quite an enjoyable listen throughout, showcasing John DePatie’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship. I would highly recommend this song to fans of instrumental electric guitar music and rock ballads alike.
-Less Than 1000 Followers

Vous aimez la musique Blues/Rock, c’est avec plaisir que nous vous faisons découvrez en cette journée agréable le single “The Viking Princess And The Troll King” de l’artiste The DePatie Melt. Dès les premières mesures vous serez conquis car les instruments et la réalisation du single. Vous allez passer un moment très agréable et très apaisant car The DePatie Melt vous emportera dans son univers avec ce titre.
-INFO Music

“The Viking Princess And The Troll King is one of the most calming songs you’ll listen to,..The way the soft drums gives you that empathetic vibe mixed with the way the guitar opens up your brain is what you need to get past a rough day. If your introduction into The DePatie Melt is “The Viking Princess And The Troll King” then you got a special treat, the song is ever so present in your brain after listening to it.
-Rising Artists Music Blog

The uniquely titled The DePatie Melt have created something rather special on The Viking Princess & The Troll King, a blues infused rock song with some retro elements to it. It’s an instrumental tune with a slow beat that is reminiscent of the old school rock and roll scene, with the electric guitar motifs providing the main instrumentation where the vocal line would normally be. It sounds very beautiful, with the guitars changing every so often as the song continues.
-York Calling

My Best Friend Ran Off With My Wife...And Man Do I Miss Him

If someone is in the mood for a bit of the old-timer sway in its most baroque element, coupled with truly enjoyable lyricism, The DePatie Melt is the group that should fit your music department. 
-Sinusoidal Music

A truly playful take on a classic joke, the DePatie Melt delves into the infinitely stylish and timeless sound of “My Best Friend Ran Off With My Wife (And Man Do I Miss Him)”
-Fruit Sonic

As a singer and guitarist, John DePatie was very talented in designing his first comedy song. His solo guitar sounds amazing. The melody and blues dynamics are delightfully sustained in his phrases. 
-Indie Dock Music Blog 

I'll Miss You 

There are few songs that truly take my breath away leaving goosebumps on my arms and chills down my spine – ‘I’ll Miss You’ is one of these.
-Nexus Music Blog

If you are looking for a single that pulls on years of experience while turning songwriting norms on its head, you are in the right place. The DePatie Melt brings an unconventional musical form to the engaging vocals of ‘I’ll Miss You’. Featuring Don Randi, one of the most recorded keyboardists in history, and singer Jody Bagley, the single has you hooked from start to end. 
-The Other Side Reviews

At first, you think this is just an overture. A piece of music void of lyrical content, and then BAM! You’re hit by a wave of wonderfully delivered lyrics. Minimal yes, but they pack a punch for a myriad of reasons. The first being that they are indeed preceded by a grand build-up, and two when they come in it’s like a theatrical performance. There is drama and heart in every line. 
- Rising Artists Blog

(DePatie) organized a beautiful trio around him to record one musical masterpiece called 'I'll Miss You'. This is an original ballad like a vintage romance has a revolutionary form of composition....The sound comes from somewhere in the middle of human experiences where two instruments reflect the unity of two loving hearts...The composition in its conciseness has everything to captivate us with its lullaby of love. The good production work of the trio can only confirm their professionalism and creative enthusiasm. 
-Indie Dock Music Blog

Interview with Broadtube Music Channel

The Song We Will Remember

While there is a sombreness in the track’s message, ‘The Song We Will Remember’ has a lingering sense of peacefulness. The powerful instrumentation fuses with gruff vocals forming a bubble of heartfelt nostalgia. Reflective in both sound and lyrics, this significant song has a kaleidoscopic soundscape with a smile-inducing atmosphere.
-The Other Side Reviews

(google translate) The song has a well-crafted instrumentality around the classicist style of Rock'n'roll, thus concluding in a nostalgic soundscape, which perfectly matches the pragmatic verses shown, which aim to talk about the moment of farewell to loved ones. 
-Roadie Music

The track is very reminiscent of 70s rock and it is a joyous, foot-stamping number, with the chorus containing a beautiful and moving message, “You are the song we will remember. You are the hit full of life and love.”
-Up & Coming

(google translate) And really, the take of “The Song We Will Remember” , is born with an air of rock anthem , such is the ubiquity of the composition with the instrumental , emotional lyrics and incisive vocals , connected in an especially particular and brilliant way.
-Roadie Music

Older Press
Of DePatie's guitar playing Jazz Review said "John DePatie's guitar work is exquisite. His perfect solos and background work show his ability to perfectly capture an emotion and run with it" 

Peter Macbeath of the Troubadour Music News “A really good band is the sum of all its parts, and front man Will Faeber knows this. Lead guitarist, John DePatie, is a perfect fit. I have the feeling that John can play lead on almost anything with style, grace and high energy.”

Nancy Sinatra review of Nancy Sinatra show: "Special mention should also go to her band, with Blondie drummer Clem Burke, Wrecking Crew veteran Don Randi and John DePatie, whose Spanish guitar on Cuando Calienta el Sol is particularly impressive."

Nancysinatraukfanpage review of Sheperd's Bush Empire show: "99 Miles From L.A.", probably the best song from Nancy's CALIFORNIA GIRL CD was also one of the best performances by Nancy on stage tonight. Nancy's voice was outstanding, hitting those high notes perfectly, John DePatie chipped in with a blistering performance on lead guitar. 

Review of Carling Academy Glasgow show: “...the simple guitar and vocal intro of Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) was awesome.” 

Sinatra Family Forum: "Flowers" live was absolutely spellbinding, especially after John DePatie joined the KAB. It wasn't just singing a song, it was a performance. 

Acoustimania Reviews: 

Various reviews: 
“It's one of the best Jazz duets I've heard in years. Highly recommend it. Great to hear mature musicians and hope they record another one.” 

 “deep or light weight...i can listen to this on different levels. all good. interesting original tunes, obviously i didn't recognize them, but they sound good for new stuff. instruments have a rich, deep, but fleeting quality, with a lot rich harmonics to take in, but since the material moves pretty fast, you might pay attention and try to link the higher levels of music together or else just let it roll on by, sounding quite good all around.” 

 “This CD is an intelligent collaboration of piano and guitar that is eclectic and thought provoking. It's an excellent choice for the holidays and a great companion during moments of solitude.” 

Concert review from Robin Linn's Desert Rhythms: "This month, Furgo's friends were jazz/rock keyboard legend, Don Randi and guitarist John DePatie, another great talent in his own right. The trio performed 2 sets of amazing music. The first set was made up of several songs from Don & John's upcoming CD, which were very intricate and showed the depth of Don's legendary skills as a composer and performer. The second set included one of the best renditions of Thelonius Monk's "Friday the 13th" I have ever heard."

New Haven Independent review of Don Randi & Quest show 

Review of Mauro's CD: "He's assembled an impressive instrumental unit for the disc, particularly guitarist John DePatie, whose solos soar and sting." 

Review of Lt. Worf's Shred Machin​e on CDBaby: “Not much current instrumental guitar music is this melodic and lyrical.”  

Super Melodic Tracks review of Psychedelic Cowboy: "Wind Chimes From Jupiter" showcases some extravagant picking work and a melody that's just, well, inspired. That's another favorite of mine, right alongside "Jaeljo Overture". "Counting Sheep", the last track of the album, is, as its name implies, a little lullaby. A perfect way to end an album, any album. The tracks in this album seem to evolve over time. That's a very good thing. They also have strong melodies. That's another very good thing, especially for this blog. It is without a doubt a great little album. Review of Psychedelic Cowboy: “...the most valuable aspects of the music, the guitars, sound superb...”
”...John DePatie is capable of utilizing his guitar as a voice box of sorts; and it becomes an extension of his lips as it projects his thoughts through musical language.”
“...this is a good sounding album comprised of many different guitar tones and playing styles...” 

Cracked Wax review: “Reggatta de Guitarra”, with its breezy bongos and sensual guitarwork, oozes summery Santana vibes that’ll have you wishing you were sipping Margaritas on sandy shores. 

Review of Psychedelic Cowboy on iTunes: “What a great collection of guitar songs! DePatie is a talented and soulful guitarist!”

Youtube comments about RC-2 video (100,000+ views):
Very nice pedal demonstration, however, it is an even better playing demonstration.  Reggae / Blues!!!  I never imagine it could be a killer combination. Thank you for the technical / musical insight.

From Chris Cooke's Acoustic Lounge Interview:
You are extremely talented and your tribute to Carlos Santana is superb. Keep playing, millions of people like me need to escape the harsh and sometimes mundane realities of life through the great sounds of music like yours.